Before you start:

Charge Repaper by connecting it to your computer via the micro USB cable supplied. On first use please allow up to 3 hours of charging.

Prepare your work space. It means :

  • Keep all magnetic objects at least 20 cm (8") away from Repaper (phones, speakers, jewellery, watches, etc.). 

  • Be careful not to leave other iskn drawing tools near Repaper when switching it on and while you are drawing.

  • Be careful not to use Repaper on a metal surface (metal table or with metal parts).


Place an A5 sheet of paper on Repaper:

  • Adjust your sheet of drawing paper on the active area of Repaper using the markings on the surface. Make sure that the sheet is straight and fixed. If you are using a notebook, remove one sheet of paper and follow the previous instructions.

  • Secure your sheet with the Repaper Clips


Download and install the Repaper Studio application on:

  • for Mac and PC.

  • Google Play for Android smartphones.

  • The App Store for iOS devices.



Connecting Repaper to Repaper Studio:

✅ Connexion on Mac or PC:

  • Connect Repaper to your computer using the micro USB cable supplied.

  • Open Repaper Studio application.

  • Switch on Repaper by pressing and holding down the Power button on the side: Front LED 1 pulses blue.

  • Repaper Studio application automatically connects to Repaper: the LED then turns solid blue. Repaper name is displayed at the top right in Repaper Studio, instead of the "Connection" button.


✅ Connexion on a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone):

  • Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device.

  • Open Repaper Studio application.

  • Switch on Repaper by pressing and holding down the Power button on the side: Front LED 1 pulses blue.

  • In Repaper Studio, click on "Connection" and then select Repaper from the drop-down list. Click on the "Connection" button again.

  • Once Repaper is properly connected, the front LED 1 turns solid blue. The name of Repaper is displayed in Repaper Studio.

🚩 Tip:
Before using Repaper, make sure it is up to date. To find out if an update is available, go to the Repaper Studio settings.

For your best experience using Repaper:

✅ Install Repaper Ring™:

  • Slide Repaper Ring™ onto your drawing implement about 3 or 4 cm (between 1,2" and 1,6") from the tip.

  • Adjust its positioning so that Repaper Ring™ is completely perpendicular to your drawing implement.


👉 Good to know :

  • Be sure to use only one drawing tool at a time to avoid disrupting Repaper's operation. When you are drawing, the front LED 2 lights up red if the physical situation of your device use is altered. 

  • You can check at any time if the functionality is being impaired by using Repaper Studio's performance indicator.

✅ To check if Repaper Ring™ is properly positioned, we recommend the following steps:

  • Once you have positioned a sheet of drawing paper on Repaper as explained above, place Repaper Ring™ on your drawing implement.

  • Open Repaper Studio and select the Repaper & Screen mode.

  • With Repaper Ring™ on your drawing implement, place the latter perpendicular to Repaper, with the tip in contact with the sheet of paper. 

  • Turn your drawing implement right round. As you are doing this, be sure to keep the drawing implement perpendicular to the sheet of paper and in contact with it at a single point (no lines).

  • If you see a point appear on the screen, Repaper Ring™ is properly positioned and calibrated. If you see a small circle appear, Repaper Ring™ is incorrectly positioned: adjust it and repeat the process until you get a point.

That's it: you're ready to do your first drawing! Go to Repaper Studio and let your creativity take over!  If you need help with your first drawing, please have a look at this article "Start your first drawing".


If you have any questions, please contact us via the widget, at the bottom right of the page 😊 

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