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Repaper xLite drawing mode

Draw & write with Repaper xLite in the Repaper Studio App.

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You can draw & write with Repaper xLite in the Repaper Studio App on your computer: your drawings & notes come to life on screen in real time.

Here's how to do it:

  • Connect Repaper xLite to Repaper Studio on your PC or Mac.

  • Click on "Draw" in Repaper Studio.

  • Make sure Repaper Ring is placed correctly on your drawing tool.

  • Start drawing & writing 🖌️

    • Select your digital drawing tool in Repaper Studio, and adjust its size, opacity etc. by clicking on the selected tool.

    • Select the color of your digital tool via the color palette.

    • Change the orientation of the sheet, create layers, export your drawing...

  1. Drawing tools

  2. Brush settings

  3. Color palette

  4. Show/ hide the toolbar and layers

  5. Replay function

  6. Creation, layout & export functions

  7. Layer management

  8. Paper templates

💡 Learn more about our app's drawing functions by following this link.

🛠️ You can customize the Repaper xLite buttons' behavior to quickly access key features (new page, save...).

👉 Good to know:

  • Repaper Studio does not offer automatic saving. Be sure to save your drawings and notes via the "Save" or "Export" function. You can also use the shortcut buttons on your Repaper xLite (see above)

  • You can share your Repaper Studio drawings remotely & in real time, using the screen sharing features of video conferencing systems (Skype, Teams, Zoom...).

❓ Troubleshooting

What if your strokes do not appear on the screen:

  • Make sure Repaper xLite is successfully connected to Repaper Studio.

  • Check the positioning of the Repaper Ring.

  • Check the front LED 2: If the LED is flashing red, move magnetic objects away from your tablet.

  • Perform the "OK gesture": Hover a large "O" over your board's active drawing zone, with your drawing tool equipped with Repaper Ring, until the performance indicator at the top right in Repaper Studio turns green.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact us via the chat widget in the bottom right corner! 😺

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