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Draw with Repaper without screen
Draw with Repaper without screen

How to use Repaper without being connected to any device.

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Draw & write with Repaper without being connected to your computer or mobile device.

You can draw and take notes wherever you are, your sketches will automatically be saved in Repaper's internal memory. You can import your creations later onto your computer or mobile via the Repaper Studio App and its import function.

⚙️ Some technical details

To get started with this mode, it is important to bear the following points in mind:

  • Repaper's battery life is approximately 4-6 hours when fully charged.

  • Repaper's internal memory can save up to 1.5-2 hours of continuous drawing.

  • You can add an external SD card with a capacity up to 32GB and MBR-formatted FAT32 partition to get an unlimited storage (card not included).

  • Drawings can be digitized as black 2B pencil or black ballpoint pen drawings. The rendering can be selected during import.

How to use Repaper Only?

Discover in this article how to use Repaper without screen:

Prepare your workspace

  • Keep all magnetic objects at least 20 cm away from Repaper.

  • Fix a sheet of paper on Repaper with the help of the Repaper clips.

  • Slide Repaper Ring onto your drawing implement about 3 or 4 cm from the tip. Adjust its positioning so that Repaper Ring is completely perpendicular to your drawing implement.

Activate the screenless mode

  • Switch on Repaper by pressing and holding down the power button on the side: Front LED 1 pulses blue.

  • Briefly hit the power button again to switch to the screenless mode: Front LED 1 lights up pink. Repaper is ready to be used in screenless mode, without being connected to your computer or mobile device.

  • Once you've finished drawing in screenless mode, simply switch off your Repaper.

👉 Before using Repaper without screen, please charge your tablet by plugging it to your computer. Repaper is fully charged after about 3 hours of charge. When fully charged and not in use, the orange side LED turns green.

Draw with Repaper without screen

For an optimal drawing experience in this mode, use the Repaper LEDs and buttons in this mode. You can also use an external micro SD card for unlimited storage.

Repaper LEDs

When drawing with Repaper without any screen, the Repaper LEDs will give you important information about your Repaper's state & functioning.

Front LED 1

🟣 solid pink: screenless mode enabled

🟣 blinking pink: internal memory almost full

🟠 solid orange: internal memory full or indicating an incompatible SD card

🔴 blinking red: low battery

Front LED 2

🟢 solid green: contact with drawing tool detected (your strokes are being digitized)

🔴 blinking red: unstable magnetic environment

Repaper buttons

When drawing without screen, you can use the Repaper buttons as shortcuts for creating a new page or a new layer.

☑️ Create a new page (button 0)

  • As soon as you switch to the screenless mode, a new drawing page is automatically created: you can already start drawing.

  • If you want to create a new drawing in addition to the existing one, press Button 0 (see technical drawing above).

☑️ Create new layers (button 1-4)

  • Press one of the diagonal Repaper buttons (Button 1, 2, 3 or 4) to create a new layer (see technical drawing above).

  • You can create up to 5 layers.


External micro SD card

Repaper's internal memory can save up to 1.5-2 hours of continuous drawing. You can add an external SD card with a capacity up to 32GB and MBR-formatted FAT32 partition to get an unlimited storage (card not included).

Please find below how to insert your SD card.


Place your tablet in front of you, with the buttons to the top.


Take your SD card, the pinheaders pointing at you.


Insert the SD card in the SD slot. Push in the SD card until it clicks.


The card should not be visible from the outside anymore.

👀 For removing the card, simply press on the SD card in the slot until it slides out by itself.

👉 When using an SD card, all drawings will be saved directly to the SD card, bypassing the internal memory entirely.

👉 If the front LED 1 glows orange when inserting the SD card, it may indicate a compatibility issue with the card.

Import your creations in Repaper Studio

You can import your Repaper drawings in Repaper Studio to save, edit and export them. You also have the possibility to delete them from the Repaper's internal memory.

1. Import your drawings

  • Connect Repaper to the Repaper Studio App on your computer or mobile device.

  • Click on "IMPORT" in Repaper Studio to access all drawings saved in the Repaper's memory (or on the external SD card).

💡 The import may take some time, depending on the size of your drawings.

2. Download & save your drawings

  • Click on the drawing's preview or the download icon to download and save your drawings on your device.

    👀 On a computer, you'll be invited to select a location to save your drawing.

  • Choose your import brush: you can save the digital version of your drawing as black pencil or black ballpoint pen drawing. Select your import brush to start the download.

  • The drawing download starts automatically when selecting the brush.

3. Edit your drawings

  • After downloading your drawing, a pop-up appears asking you whether you'd like to open your drawing or not. Click on "Yes" to open your drawing in Repaper Studio.

    👀 If you have already opened a drawing in Repaper Studio you will be invited to save this drawing before opening and editing your imported drawing.

  • You can edit your drawing in Repaper Studio or export your creation from Repaper Studio and finalize it with your favorite software.

👉 When importing your drawing in Repaper Studio, it is displayed in the Repaper Studio Gallery in landscape orientation, even if you've created it in portrait orientation. If you want to save your drawing in portrait orientation, open it in Repaper Studio, change the orientation and save it.


4. Delete your drawings

  • Click on the Recycle bin icon next to your drawing to delete it from the Repaper's internal memory.

❓ Troubleshooting

What if my drawings aren't recorded on Repaper?

  • Make sure that your Repaper is sufficiently charged.

  • Make sure that the front LED 1 shines pink: If the LED shines blue or yellowish, the screenless mode is not activated.

  • Make sure that the front LED 2 lights up green when you place your drawing tool on the Repaper's surface: A green light indicates that your strokes are being digitized! If that's not the case, you may wanna check the ring's position 😉.

  • You are using the Repaper buttons? Make sure to hit them briefly, just until they click!

  • If you use an external SD card make sure that your card is compatible.


Have questions? Please feel free to contact us via the chat widget in the bottom right corner! 😺

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