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First use of Repaper xLite
First use of Repaper xLite

All the information you need to make the best use of Repaper xLite.

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In this section you will find all information you need to get started:

First steps

✅ Prepare your workspace

  • Keep all metal objects more than 20 cm (7,9’’) away from Repaper xLite (speakers, computer, tablets, smartphones…).

  • Use only one iskn writing tool at a time.

  • Avoid placing your Repaper board on a metal table or one made with large metal parts.

👉 Good to know:

Front LED 2 flashes red when the magnetic environment is unstable.

Attach a sheet of paper with the help of the Repaper Clips

  • Use the markings on your Repaper xLite to place a sheet of A5 paper (half letter size) on the active area of your board. Make sure that the paper lies flat on your Repaper's surface.

  • Secure your sheet with the Repaper Clips by sliding the clips until you hear them click.

👉 Good to know:

  • Do not change the position of the sheet during use.

  • To remove the clips: lift slightly the tab while pulling the clip off.

  • You can use your board in portrait or landscape orientation.


To use Repaper xLite, it is important to connect the tablet to the Repaper Studio App on your computer:

  • Download and install the Repaper Studio App pour PC ou Mac.

  • Open Repaper Studio.

  • Connect Repaper xLite to your computer using the micro USB cable supplied or any cable capable of transferring data.

  • Repaper xLite connects automatically to Repaper Studio: the front LED turns solid blue. The Repaper's name is displayed at the top right in Repaper Studio, instead of the "Connection" button.

👉 Good to know:
For best performance it is important to use Repaper xLite’s latest version. If a message states that a new update is available, tap the update button.


Optimal use

Properly slide Repaper Ring

For an optimal use, it is important to slide the Repaper Ring magnet properly on your drawing tool:

  • Slide Repaper Ring to about 3 ou 4 cm (1,2”-1,6”) from the tip.

  • Adjust its positioning so that it is completely perpendicular to your drawing implement.

👉 You can verify its position in the Repaper Studio App:

  • Open Repaper Studio and click on "Draw".

  • Place your drawing tool perpendicular to Repaper xLite, with the tip in contact with the sheet of paper.

  • Turn your drawing implement right round in order to draw a small point on the paper. As you are doing this, be sure to keep the drawing implement perpendicular to the sheet of paper and in contact with it at a single point (no lines).

  • Results on the screen:

    • If you see a point on the screen, Repaper Ring is properly positioned. ✔️

    • If you see a small circle, Repaper Ring is incorrectly positioned.⚠️

This video shows you how to do it! 😉

User modes

Draw & write in Repaper Studio

You can draw & write with Repaper xLite in the Repaper Studio App on your computer: your drawings & notes will be transcribed to the screen in real time.

Here's how to do it:

  • Connect Repaper xLite to Repaper Studio on your PC or Mac.

  • Click on "Draw" in Repaper Studio.

  • Select your digital drawing tool in Repaper Studio, and adjust its size, color etc.

  • Start drawing & writing! 🖌️

Draw & write with third-party software programs

You can use Repaper xLite as a graphics tablet with your favorite software on your computer: drawing software, text & PDF editors, presentation software, collaboration platforms etc.

Here's how to do it:

  • Connect Repaper xLite to Repaper Studio on your PC or Mac. (be sure to keep the Repaper Studio App running in the background)

  • Open your favorite software and start drawing & writing! 🖌️

If you have any questions, please contact us via the widget, at the bottom right of the page 😊

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