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Performance Indicator

Ensure optimal performance of the iskn tablet in Repaper Studio.

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The performance indicator is a tool that informs you about the state of the iskn tablet.

First, make sure that the iskn tablet is connected to your PC/Mac device, iOS device or Android smartphone.

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  • When using the iskn tablet, make sure you are not working on a table made of or containing metal.

  • Be careful never to leave the drawing implements and The Ring / Repaper Ring™ on the iskn tablet.

  • You will need to keep any magnetic object 20 cm away from the iskn tablet when using it.


Check the status of the performance indicator:

You can check the status of the iskn tablet performance indicator using the icon at the top right in the Repaper Studio application.
There are 3 possible states on this indicator:    


✅ The performance indicator is green - Stable environment:

iskn tablet performance is optimal, you can draw without any problem.

✅ The performance indicator is red - Unstable environment:

The performance of the iskn tablet is being impaired by an unstable environment. To fix this situation, you should only need to carry out the "OK gesture".

To do this, make the shape of a large "O" above the iskn tablet, with your drawing implement equipped with The Ring / Repaper Ring™, until the indicator turns green again.

✅ The performance indicator is grey - tool not detected:

This state means that your drawing implement is not being detected by the iskn tablet. If you encounter this problem:

  • Make sure that you are not using the iskn tablet on a metal surface (metal table or a table with metal parts, including legs). 

  • Put away any magnetic objects that may be interfering with the operation of the iskn tablet, such as other iskn drawing implement with Rings on, mobile phones, computers and tablets, speakers, headsets, etc.

  • Carry out the "OK gesture" until the indicator turns green again.


If you have any questions, please contact us via the widget, at the bottom right of the page 😊 

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