The Pack Repaper contains everything you need to start drawing:

But you can always get other iskn accessories for additional options.  Feel free to consult our product catalogue.

Please find below a list of the Repaper accessories and how they work:

1. Repaper Ring™ - The indispensable companion to Repaper

iskn's Augmented Interaction™ technology uses magnetic fields. It measures the position and orientation of Repaper Ring™ in real time to capture your lines on the screen.

Repaper Ring™ is available in two sizes:

  • Repaper Ring™ Size S : supplied in the Pack Repaper, it comprises a magnet and a silicone adapter in size S. It is compatible with drawing implements with a maximum diameter of 7.3 mm (0,29").

  • Repaper Ring™ Size M : compatible with drawing implements with a maximum diameter of 8.1 mm (0,32"), it is available on our store in The Ring Pack. This accessory pack contains 2 magnets and 4 adapters: 2 in size S and 2 in size M.

👉 Good to know :
It is not possible to use Repaper Ring™ with other brands of graphic tablets.

2. Castell 9000 2B Graphite Pencil

The Castell 9000 2B graphite pencil is a new pencil developed as part of a partnership between iskn and Faber-Castell, for generations a leading producer of high quality drawing and stationery products.

To enhance the Repaper experience, iskn and Faber-Castell have teamed up to design an exclusive customized pencil. Designed for use with the Repaper Ring™ and the new pressure system, this pencil will offer you the best possible Repaper experience.

3. Repaper Stylus - The iskn stylus

Repaper Stylus is a stylus designed to be used directly on the rigid surface of Repaper. That makes it the ideal tool when using Repaper as a graphic tablet.

Thanks to Repaper Stylus, you can enhance your creations with your favorite graphics software including Photoshop©, Illustrator©, Gimp©, Affinity©, Inkscape©, InDesign© or CorelDRAW©.

You can also use Repaper Stylus in Repaper Studio to color or erase your digital version without changing the paper version.

4. Repaper Clutch Pencil

The Repaper Clutch Pencil has been designed by iskn x Faber-Castell for writing, drawing and sketching.

Repaper Clutch pencil, available in our online store as well at Faber-Castell UK, provides constant line thickness as well as consistent balance compared to wooden pencils who get shorter over time.

The built-in “Repaper Ring” is perfectly adjusted, and Faber-Castell’s “TK 9400” powerful jaws grip the lead firmly to ensure very precise drawing capabilities.

You'll find further information here.

5. Sleeve

To protect Repaper, we offer Sleeve, a dedicated travel pouch (34 x 21.6 cm / 13,4 x 8,5"). You can store your tablet, drawings and tools (pencils, notebook, rings) in it.

Sleeve is not made of animal-derived fabrics.

🚩 Tip:
When Repaper is not in used, you can store it near magnetic elements, such as your Repaper Ring™ or iskn drawing tools. You are therefore able to store it in Sleeve without risk of damaging it.


6. Repaper clips

Repaper clips allow you to attach your sheet of paper to the Repaper for extra precision when you are drawing.



7. The sketchbook

To make your experience even more pleasant, we now offer the sketchbook, perfectly suited to the active area (A5 format). This exclusive superior quality notebook (180 g/m² paper), is the ideal companion for the Repaper.



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