How do I erase in Repaper Studio?
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Have you made a mistake? No problem, there are three ways to erase:


✅ From the Repaper Studio application:

Select the "Eraser" tool in the Repaper Studio application and delete the lines using touch input on your mobile device, or with your cursor on your computer. You can set the eraser for the most suitable rendering for you.

The lines are only deleted on Repaper Studio. To erase on your sheet of paper, use a normal physical eraser.


✅ By equipping your eraser with The Ring / Repaper Ring™ :

Use a physical eraser with The Ring / Repaper Ring™, the magnetic accessory that turns your drawing implements into tools compatible with the iskn tablet. For example, you can use the physical eraser on the end of a pencil.

Select the Eraser tool in the Repaper Studio app and erase lines on your paper with this eraser equipped with The Ring / Repaper Ring™. The lines are then erased both on your paper and in the digital version.

✅ Using The Tip / Repaper Stylus:

The iskn stylus has been designed to be able to use your iskn tablet in Repaper & Stylus Mode, but it can also be used as an eraser. In that case it is used as in point 1.
This stylus is recognized by Repaper Studio because of the ring included. Select the Eraser tool in Repaper Studio and erase with The Tip / Repaper Stylus in the digital version. Then use a normal physical eraser to erase on your drawing paper.


Advanced eraser settings:

Repaper Studio also provides you with advanced eraser settings for optimal accuracy.


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