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What drawing tools can I use in Repaper Studio?

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Repaper Studio offers different drawing tools to enable to enhance your creations:

  • Pencil.

  • Ballpoint Pen.

  • Felt.

  • Marker.

  • Chalk.

  • Airbrush.

  • Eraser.

👀 Select your tool with just one click.


✅ Brush settings

You can change the settings of all the brushes available in Repaper Studio. To change the behaviour of a brush, select one from the toolbox at the bottom of the screen. Then click on it again to change the settings.

Changing brushes will not remove the settings you made on the previous brush.

  • Size: it allows you to adjust the thickness of the line (between 0.10 mm and 15 mm, depending on the selected tool).

  • Opacity: it allows you to adjust the opacity of the line.

  • Smoothing of lines: it allows you to adjust the sharpness of your line. By selecting a "high" level of smoothing, your lines will be sharper.

  • Speed sensitivity: this allows you to reproduce the pressure you apply to your drawing tool using speed measurement. The faster you draw on your sheet, the clearer and thinner your lines appear on the screen.

  • Hardness: this parameter is only available for the pencil. It allows you to choose between 5 tips with varying levels of hardness (the harder the tip, the finer and more precise it is but the less pronounced the black color is).

  • Pressure: This setting is only available for Repaper. With Repaper, the harder you press the active area with your drawing tool, the thicker the lines appear in Repaper Studio.

  • 3D cursor: the default cursor for the pen and pencil tool in Repaper Studio is a virtual 3D pencil. You can disable and enable the 3D pencil here.


✅ How does the airbrush work?

The airbrush is a brush that reveals its full potential when used in combination with the iskn tablet. It is a 3D paint spray that allows you to easily color large surfaces without having to touch your paper.

To use it:

  • Select the airbrush tool in Repaper Studio and use your drawing tool to hover over the surface of the iskn tablet until a pop-up appears.

  • Follow the instructions and press one of the buttons on your iskn tablet to apply your color.

  • To stop applying, press one of these buttons again (it doesn't matter which one: you don't have to press the same one again).

🚩 Tip:
The further away your drawing tool is from the tablet, the larger the paint application diameter, indicated by the size of the cursor on the screen.


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