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Create and share your drawings on Repaper Studio.

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At any point during the creative process you can:

  • Create a new drawing sheet

  • Import an image

  • Save your drawing

  • Export a drawing in the format of your choice

  • Open a previously saved drawing


✅ Create a new drawing sheet:

From Repaper Studio, you can create a new drawing sheet at any time from the application's Menu Bar at the top of your screen. To do this, press the "New" button.


✅ Import an image:

In Repaper Studio, you can import one or more images into your current drawing from the Menu Bar. To do this:

1 - In advance save the image(s) you want to include in your drawing on your computer or mobile device.

2 - In Repaper Studio, click on the "Import" button located in the center of the Menu Bar.

3 - Browse your documents, choose the image you want to insert and press "Open". You can only insert one image at a time.

4 - Your image has now been included in Repaper Studio, but its position on your drawing sheet is not yet fixed. You can then:

  • move the image using the left button of your mouse.

  • change the size of your image. To do this, use the dots that appeared on the edges of the image and resize it.

  • change the orientation of your image. To do this, place your cursor on the outer part of your image until a hand appears. Click and hold: you are now able to change the orientation of your image. 


🚩 Tip:
On mobile devices, you can move, resize and rotate your image using the classic functions:

 5 - Once you are satisfied with its position, confirm by clicking on the "Approve" button that appeared on the top of your screen: its position is fixed, you can't move it any more.

Once fixed, the image is integrated into the layer in which it was imported: you can draw over it, hide it or delete it by deleting the layer.


✅ Saving a drawing sheet:

In Repaper Studio, you can save your current drawing from the Menu Bar. To do this, press the "Save" button. If your drawing has not yet been saved, this button acts as the "Save As" button.


✅ Export a drawing:

From Repaper Studio, you can export your drawings and creations made with the iskn tablet in different formats: JPG, PNG, MP4, PSD, IMGK et SVG.

To export your creations in your preferred format:

  • Click on "Export" on the right of the Menu Bar.

  • In the drop-down menu that appears, you can choose between the different file formats to save in.

  • Choose the file location to save to and save your drawing.


🚩 Tip:
You can also perform some of these actions using keyboard shortcuts. For more information, please see the article on shortcuts.


✅ Open a drawing:

In Repaper Studio, you can open a drawing you have already started, to edit it over and over again.

To do this:

  • in the Menu Bar, click on "Open".

  • Choose the drawing you want to edit in your documents then confirm: your drawing loads in Repaper & Screen, you can now edit it.



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