Repaper Studio's latest versions

  • macOS & Windows version: 11.4.3

  • Android & iOS version: 11.4.4

Repaper Studio 11.4.3 / 11.4.4

We are pleased to announce the release of our new app's version!

  • Public release macOS & Windows (version 11.4.3): February 9, 2022

  • Public release Android & iOS (version 11.4.4): May 15 & May 30, 2022

✨The new version has been dedicated to improving Repaper Studio drawing features & evolving our app's technology for a continuously compatibility with new OS versions! ✨

  • Automatic saving of your favorite brush settings: Your personal brush settings will now be saved automatically, even when quitting the app.

  • New color palette: The new color palette allows you to choose in between 3 color formats (HSV, Hex, RGB) and brings many improvements for an even more user friendly, colored experience.

  • Guaranteed compatibility with the latest OS versions: The app's technical architecture has been updated so that compatibility with new OS versions can be fully guaranteed.

Previous versions

Repaper Studio 11.3.5

Repaper Studio 11.3.3

Repaper Studio 11.2.3

Repaper Studio 11.3.5

Public release: September, 2021

Platforms : macOS & Windows

The version 11.3.5 gives Repaper Faber-Castell users access to the tablet's latest version With Repaper, the digital copy of handwritten drawings and notes is even more faithful to the original paper version.

Repaper Studio 11.3.3

Public release: August, 2021

✨ The version 11.3.3 has been dedicated to our Italian customers! ✨

  • Italien app version: After English, German, French, Spanish & Chinese, Repaper Studio is now available in Italian.

  • Bug fix Display scale : Display settings in graphics tablet mode have been updated in order to fix a display issue on computers with a display scale > 125%

Repaper Studio 11.2.3

Public release: December, 2020

✨The version 11.2.3 has been dedicated to improving the graphics tablet mode with many new features and enhancements! ✨

  • Pressure sensitivity: New configuration for an even better pressure rendering with third-party software programs.

  • Multiple screens: When working with multiple screens, you can now select the screen you want to draw on. You can modify this setting in the graphics tablet's configuration.

  • Screen settings : Screen dimensions in relation to the active drawing zone are more accurate and refer to the chosen layout of your OS settings.

  • Screen drawing zone settings: You can choose between an extended format, so that the active drawing zone matches the size of your screen, and a format that preserves the screen's geometry to limit anamorphic effects. You can choose the format in the graphics tablet mode's configuration.

  • Graphics tablet mode activation: There's no more need to switch on the graphics tablet mode before the first use, the mode is enabled by default. Screen and active zone are set to the extended screen format with one single screen. You can modify this setting in the graphics tablet mode's configuration. As before, the graphics tablet mode is not functional while drawing directly in Repaper Studio.

  • Bug fix CTRL/ CMD shortcut : An issue regarding the button shortcuts CTRL/ CMD has been resolved and CTRL/ CMD shortcuts are now saved correctly. You'll find further information regarding the Repaper shortcuts on this page. If you have The Slate2+ please learn more here.

The version 11.2.3 gives Repaper Faber-Castell users access to the tablet's version, offering improvements in regards to precision and contact detection as well as Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the widget, at the bottom right of the page 😊

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