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Repaper Only

On paper, no screen.

Updated over a week ago

Repaper Only mode enables you to use the iskn tablet without needing your computer or mobile device.

You can draw and take notes wherever you are, your sketches will automatically be saved in the iskn tablet. You can import your creations later onto your computer or mobile via the Repaper Studio app.


How do I use the Repaper Only mode ?

✅ Draw in Repaper Only mode

Draw on the iskn tablet without being connected to your devices:




✅ Import your drawings into Repaper Studio

  • Open the Repaper Studio app.

  • Connect the iskn tablet to your device.

  • On the Repaper Studio home page, click on "IMPORT". Your creations are then available for download.


✅ Edit the drawings you created in Repaper Only

Once your creation has been imported, you can choose from one of the following actions:

  • Save : Click on your drawing or on the "Import" icon to save it. Once saved, you can edit it in Repaper & Screen.

  • Edit : After you have saved your drawing, a window appears. In this window, click on "Yes": your drawing loads into Repaper & Screen and you can then edit it.

  • Delete : Click on the Recycle bin icon next to your drawing to delete it from the internal memory on the iskn tablet.


 👉 Good to know:

  • Find all the creations you have saved in the Repaper Studio Gallery.

  • You can also export your creation from Repaper & Screen to edit it with your favorite drawing software.


If you have any questions, please contact us via the widget, at  the bottom right of the page 😊  

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