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How to use The Slate 2+ as graphic tablet.

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Thanks  to the Repaper & Stylus mode, transform The Slate into a graphic tablet  and enhance your creations with your favorite graphic software including  Photoshop©, Illustrator©, Gimp©, Affinity©, Inkscape©, InDesign© or  CorelDRAW©.  



The  Slate is useful for all stages of the creative process:

  • Start your first paper sketches with The Slate without any screen or connected to Repaper Studio on your computer or mobile device.

  • Export your creations  to your computer.

  • Finalize your drawings with your favorite graphic software, by activating the graphic tablet mode in Repaper Studio.  

👉  Good to know:

  • The graphic tablet mode is only available on PC or Mac.  

  • Mac users need to give Repaper Studio access to their computer for using this mode. Please find further information here.

  • Repaper Stylus, the new iskn stylus, provides you with the best experience in tablet mode. It can be used directly on the surface of The Slate without any paper, and replaces your computer mouse. (Repaper Stylus can be purchased separately in our online store)



How to use the Repaper & Stylus mode?


✅ Connection

  • Download and install the PC or Mac version of the Repaper Studio drawing app. 

  • Open the app.  

  • Connect The Slate to Repaper Studio on your computer.  

  • Open your favorite software and start to draw!

👉 Good to know:

  • Be sure to keep the Repaper Studio App running in the background: if you exit Repaper Studio, the mode will be disabled.

  • The graphics tablet mode is not compatible with the drawing functions in Repaper Studio. If you click on "Draw" in Repaper Studio, the graphics tablet mode will be disabled.


✅ Configuration

Click on "CONFIGURE" in Repaper Studio to set up The Slate as a graphic tablet.

⚙️ Graphics tablet mode settings

  • "Graphics tablet mode is on": The graphics tablet mode is enabled by default in Repaper Studio. You can use the toggle button to enable / disable the graphics tablet mode.

  • "Geometry of the active area": Select the size of the active drawing zone of your Repaper tablet. You can choose in between the "screen geometry" and the "wide" format.

  • "Active Screens": If you work with two or more monitors, you can choose which screen you'd like to draw on.

  • "Size of the active area": you can choose in between a medium area and a large area in order to adjust your Repaper's active drawing zone.

Since  September 2019, our new Repaper Studio app has allowed you to open and manage  The Slate's graphic tablet mode. If you have the old version of the Graphic Tablet Configurator, uninstall it and update the Imagink app.  



If you have any questions, please contact us via the widget, at  the bottom right of the page 😊   

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