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Repaper xLite update

Don't forget to update your Repaper xLite!

Updated over a week ago

For best performance it is important to use Repaper xLite’s latest version.

👉 To update Repaper, you have to connect it to your computer:

  • Download and install the Repaper Studio App for PC or Mac.

  • Open Repaper Studio.

  • Connect Repaper xLite to your computer using the micro USB cable supplied or any cable capable of transferring data.

  • Repaper xLite connects automatically to Repaper Studio: the front LED turns solid blue. The board's name is displayed at the top right in Repaper Studio, instead of the "Connection" button.

👉 If a message states that a new update is available, tap the update button.

🚩 Tip:

You can check the version of your Repaper xLite in Repaper Studio, by clicking on the name of your tablet at the top right. The Repaper xLite version is displayed next to the firmware status.

❓ Troubleshooting

  • If the update fails to install, you may wanna check your Internet connection. We also recommend to disable your firewall while updating Repaper xLite.

  • If your Repaper xLite's version is out of date, but you are not invited to update the tablet, we recommend to newly install the Repaper Studio App on your computer.

    Have questions? Please feel free to contact us via the chat widget in the bottom right corner! 😺

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