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Repaper e-collaboration & teaching

Discover how to use Repaper along with e-collaboration & e-learning tools.

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Repaper allows you to share remotely and in real time your notes, graphics, schematics and drawings.

Write & draw in our Repaper Studio app or in your favorite software program and share your notes with students and colleagues thanks to the screen-sharing features of video conferencing platforms & e-collaboration tools.

Please find below our selection of tools & programs for the best online collaboration & teaching experience, and how to use them along with Repaper.

1. Video conferencing platforms

Repaper allows you to share remotely and in real time your pencil & paper sketches and handwritten notes thanks to the screen sharing feature offered by video conferencing applications available on PC or Mac, smartphones and tablets.

Screen sharing

Draw with Repaper in the Repaper Studio app on your computer or mobile device and share your screen in Skype, Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Adobe Connect, Webex, AnyMeeting, GoToMeeting...

Whiteboarding feature

Connect Repaper to Repaper Studio on your computer, then draw with Repaper and the whiteboard tool of your video conferencing platform.

2. e-Collaboration tools

There are numerous e-collaboration and e-teaching solutions today. Please find below our top selection of collaborative tools and how to use them with Repaper.


Conceptboard is a visual collaboration platform that helps teams work on projects together, stay connected and co-create in real time.

The web application offers an online whiteboard with numerous features for creating, editing and sharing content.

  • Templates and diagrams for all type of meetings

  • File import (pictures, text documents, PDF, presentations...)

  • Features to insert icons, videos, audios

  • Editing tools: pen & highlighting tool, text tool, shapes, eraser, section creator...

  • Co-creation features: post-its & comment inserter, teammate pointer, timer, chat, voting tool...

  • Integrated video conferencing system (audio & video, screen sharing feature)

👉 Use the pen tool & the highlighting tool in Conceptboard to write & draw with Repaper.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a virtual classroom tool designed for Education.

The web application offers an integrated video conference system as well as important features for creating, editing and sharing content.

  • Features: pencil, text, shapes, eraser, pointer

  • Quiz editor

  • Possibility to share a blank board, the screen & applications or uploaded documents (images, PDF, Powerpoint)

  • Possibility to work in groups & create different chats

👉 Use the pencil and the highlighter tool in Blackboard to write & draw with Repaper.


Kami is a digital classroom tool creating flexible and collaborative learning environments.

  • The interface gives you the possibility to share, edit & comment documents (PDF & Google Suite).

  • Teachers can markup, discuss and provide feedback using Kami’s text, audio, and video annotation tools or use Kami along with Google Classroom, Schooling or Canvas (paid features).

  • If you use the free Kami version we recommend sharing the Kami interface via video conferencing platforms.

👉 Use the drawing and markup tool in Kami to write, annotate and highlight information with Repaper.


Klaxoon is a collaborative web solution for daily efficient teamwork and teaching.

  • You can use one of the Klaxoon templates or a blank whiteboard to create your lesson.

  • Import images or csv files to illustrate your presentation, or create a new diagram with your students by using one of the templates in Klaxoon.

  • You can create quiz and survey questions in order to follow up on your student's comprehension and attention.

  • Students can hand in written questions or ideas which can be grouped by categories and dimensions.

  • Video conferencing applications (Teams, GoogleMeet, Skype, Webex and Zoom) can be launched directly via the Klaxoon interface.

👉 Use the brush tool in Klaxoon to write & draw with Repaper. You can write directly on the whiteboard or use the Klaxoon post-its for writing down ideas.


Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard that helps remote teams ideate and collaborate online.

  • The web application provides various templates, shapes, diagrams and workflows.

  • There are advanced features when working in teams, as for ex. emoji reactions, voting or separate board spaces when working in groups.

  • Lucidspark has an integrated chat feature as well as a Slack integration in the paid versions. You can also share your screen via video conferencing platforms.

👉 Use the pen tool in Lucidspark to write & draw with Repaper. The pen tool also provides a magic shape tool, which automatically converts free hand drawings to shapes.


OpenBoard is an open source teaching software for interactive whiteboard designed primarily for use in schools and universities. The software is currently maintained by the Education Department (DIP) of the canton of Geneva, in Switzerland.

  • Features for teachers: pen, eraser, highlighter, laser pointer, paper templates (blanc, plaid or lined paper in black & white)

  • Document management for imported pictures and PDF documents.

  • Possibility to switch between the Openboard whiteboard and the computer desktop, with the possibility to continue using the text editing features if the opened page allows it. Openboard has also an integrated web browser in order to view pages on the web, take screen captures etc.

  • Page view and possibility to show next or previous page

  • Podcast feature for recording

  • Library with access to pictures & videos, shapes, web search, integrated applications (ruler, magnifier, compass, Google Map etc.) & interactivities (quiz, calculations, tables etc)

👉 Use the pen tool in OpenBoard to write & draw with Repaper.

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