About Repaper Studio
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Repaper Studio is our new drawing app that enables you to make optimal use of The Slate or Repaper.

This app helps you to manage the settings and the 3 modes for The Slate or Repaper.

  1. Import your paper drawings: draw without being connected to Repaper Studio with The Slate or Repaper, and import your creations into Repaper Only to give them a final touch and export them.

   2. Draw on paper and on screen: draw on paper with your favorite pencils, and                enhance your digital creations using the wide range of tools in Repaper & Screen.

   3. Use Repaper with your favorite software: draw and enhance your creations in             Repaper & Stylus with your favorite drawing software such as Photoshop©,                   Illustrator©, Gimp©, Affinity©, Inkscape©, InDesign© or CorelDRAW©. 



If you have any questions, please contact us via the widget, at  the bottom right of the page 😊  

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