Repaper Only mode enables you to use Repaper in screenless mode, without needing your computer or mobile device.

You can draw and take notes wherever you are, your sketches will automatically be saved in Repaper. You can import your creations later onto your computer or mobile via the Repaper Studio app and its import function.

Some technical details:

To get started with this mode, it is important to bear the following points in mind: 

  • Repaper's battery life is approximately 6 hours when fully charged.

  • Repaper's internal memory can store up to some 10 drawings.

  • You can add an external SD card with a capacity up to 32GB and MBR-formatted FAT32 partition to get an unlimited storage (card not included).

  • Drawings made in screenless mode have a 2B pencil rendering. This setting cannot be modified.


How to use Repaper Only?


Prepare your workspace

  • Keep all magnetic objects at least 20 cm away from Repaper.

  • Fix a sheet of paper on Repaper with the help of the Repaper clips.

  • Slide Repaper Ring onto your drawing implement about 3 or 4 cm from the tip. Adjust its positioning so that Repaper Ring is completely perpendicular to your drawing implement. You can verify its position as shown in this video.

Activate the screenless mode

With Repaper switched on, briefly press the Power button to switch to the screenless mode: Front LED 1 lights up pink. Repaper is ready to be used in screenless mode, without your computer or mobile device.

✅ Draw in screenless mode with the help of the Repaper's buttons

When drawing in screenless mode, you can use the Repaper's buttons as shortcuts for creating a new page or a new layer.

✏️ Create a new page

  • As soon as you switch to the screenless mode, a new drawing page is automatically created: you can already start drawing.

  • If you want to create a new drawing in addition to the existing one, press Button 0 (see technical drawing above).

✏️ Manage layers 

  • Press one of the diagonal Repaper buttons (Button 1, 2, 3 or 4) to create a new layer (see technical drawing above).

  • You can create up to 5 layers.


✅ Import your creations into Repaper Studio

  • Connect Repaper to the Repaper Studio app on your computer or mobile device in order to import your drawings made in screenless mode.

  • Once Repaper is connected to Repaper Studio, click on "IMPORT". You can then access all the drawings saved in the Repaper's memory, and decide whether you'd like to download and save, delete or edit your creations (see chapter below).

✅ Save, edit or delete your imported drawings

Once your creation has been imported, you can choose from one of the following actions:

  • Save : Click on the drawing's preview or the "Import" icon to save your creation. Once saved, you can edit it in Repaper & Screen.

  • Edit : After you have saved your drawing, a pop-up appears asking you whether you'd like to open your drawing or not. Click on "Yes" in order to open your drawing in Repaper & Screen and edit it.

  • Delete : Click on the Recycle bin icon next to your drawing to delete it from the internal memory on the iskn tablet.

👉 Good to know:

  • When importing and saving your drawing in Repaper Studio, it is displayed in the Repaper Studio Gallery in landscape orientation, even if you've created it in portrait orientation.

  • If you want to save your drawing in portrait format, open it in Repaper & Screen, change the orientation and save it: it then appears in portrait format in the Repaper Studio Gallery.

  • You can also export your creation from Repaper & Screen to edit it with your favorite drawing software.



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