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Color your digital creation!

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Repaper Studio gives you the possibility to color your digital notes & drawings, thanks to the app's color palette. For opening the color palette, click on the color circle in the app's toolbox.

The color palette is composed of three parts:

Color indicator

The color display allows you to visualize the selected color and its hex color code.

Color wheel

The color wheel gives the possibility to select a color as well as its saturation and brightness.

  • Outer circle: Select your color using the outer circle.

  • Square: Select a similar hue, taking into account saturation and brightness.

You can also use the color picker tool on the bottom right of the color wheel for selecting any color of your current drawing.

Color picker

As the last element of the color palette, you will find the color picker. The color picker allows you to select and adjust the colors by choosing from four options:

Custom color list

Thanks to the custom color list, you can easily manage your favorite colors in Repaper Studio.

  • Save your favorite colors: Select a color using the color wheel. Click the plus sign of the custom color list to add the color to your favorite colors and save it.

  • Use your favorite colors: Click a color in the color list to select and use it.

👉 Good to know:

Repaper Studio stores up to 27 of your most popular colors. If you use more than 27 colors in Repaper Studio, the color that has not been used for the longest time and thus appears at the bottom of the color list will be deleted from the list of used colors.

Hex colors

Click "Hex" in the color picker to be able to select colors via hex color codes:

RGB colors

Click on "RGB" in the color picker to obtain your RGB color. Click and drag the sliders of the three basic colors red, green and blue to change the hue.


  • For a black color, click and drag the three sliders all the way to the left (red: 0, green: 0, blue:0).

  • For a white color, click and drag the three sliders all the way to the rechts (red: 255, green: 255, blue:255)

HSV colors

Click on "HSV" in the color picker to create the desired HSV color tone.

Click and drag the color, saturation and brightness slider to get the desired HSV hue:

  • Hue: Select the color value of your base color.

  • Saturation: Select the color saturation (from colorless to colorful).

  • Value: Choose the brightness (the percentage of white added to the color)

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