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Button shortcuts to facilitate your creative process.

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Repaper has five buttons that allow quick access to key features, independent of the Repaper Studio application.

For an optimal use of Repaper, these buttons have specific functions in each use mode. The buttons behavior can be customized in Repaper Studio.

Default functions

Please find the details of the default functions in the table below:

Drawing in Repaper Studio

Drawing with other softwares

Drawing without screen


right click

new page


right click

new layer


right click

new layer

increase line thickness

right click

new layer

decrease line thickness

right click

new layer

Button customization

*** for Windows PC and Mac only ***

👀 The buttons' behavior can be customized for the use of Repaper on a computer along with Repaper Studio or other softwares. It is not possible to customize the buttons' behavior for the use with a mobile device or without being connected to any device.

To customize the buttons' functions, connect Repaper to Repaper Studio on your computer.

You can configure the buttons' behavior for the following types of use:

  • Drawing: button configuration for drawing in Repaper Studio.

  • Graphics tablet: button configuration for drawing with your favorite software.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Click on "Configure" in Repaper Studio, and select "Configuration of buttons" from the menu on the left.

  2. Hover with the mouse cursor over the feature you want to change: a pen icon appears.

  3. Click on the pen icon and select the function you want to assign to this button: a checkmark appears, meaning that this setting has been saved successfully.

👀 When changing the buttons' behavior for the use as graphics tablet with other softwares, you can assign functions but also keyboard shortcuts. For doing so, press the combination of keys that you want to assign, then click "Approve".


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