Repaper has five buttons that allow quick access to key features, independent of the Repaper Studio application.

For optimal use of Repaper, these buttons have functions specific to each mode: 

  • Repaper & Screen: from paper to screen, in real time.

  • Repaper & Stylus: paperless, with stylus.

  • Repaper Only: on paper, with no screen.

Those functions are default settings. You can customize them if you want.

Default functions

Please find the details of the default functions in the table below:


Customization of the buttons

*** for use on PC and Mac only ***

To make your experience of Repaper on your PC or Mac more genuine, you can customize the functions of its buttons. You are able to customize their functions for Repaper & Screen (drawing mode) and Repaper & Stylus (graphic tablet mode).

To do so, please follow these steps:

  • In the home screen, click on the name of your Repaper, on the top right part of your screen.


  • In the menu that appears, click on « Configuration of buttons », on the top left of your screen: you are now in the configuration menu.


  • When opening this menu, the default settings are displayed. To customize the functions of a button in the mode in question (drawing mode or graphic tablet mode), move the mouse cursor on the setting your want to modify: a pen appears. To be sure that you are modifying the right button, the button in question appears in orange on the diagram at the right of your screen.


  • Click on this pen. In the window that pops-up, click on the setting your want to define for this button : a « ✅ » button then appears, meaning that this setting has been saved automatically. Once you personalized all your buttons, you can leave this menu and go back to draw.




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