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Why does Repaper Studio crash or load with bugs on Windows PC?
Why does Repaper Studio crash or load with bugs on Windows PC?

* Relates only to Windows PC *

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On some Windows computers, the application may sometimes encounter problems when it is launched or have bugs when loading.  This problem is most notable in the drawing area on your screen, and may be easily fixed by updating your graphics card drivers.


At first, please follow these steps:

Uninstall and then reinstall Repaper Studio.

  • Completely uninstall the Repaper Studio version on your computer.

  • Restart your computer.

  • Download and install Repaper Studio again from here:



If this doesn't resolve the issue:

Check your graphics card information in the 'Device Manager'.

Type "Device Manager" in the search bar of the Start menu and confirm. Then click on graphic card in the list.

Depending on the information displayed, go to the website of the manufacturer of your graphics card to update your drivers by installing the update tool:

Once the tool is downloaded and installed, run it to update your graphics drivers.

You should now be able to launch the application without any problems. You can also check that your computer is running Repaper Studio. To do this, right-click on the application shortcut and choose "Run with graphics processor".


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