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How to connect The Slate to Repaper Studio on a mobile device: iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone.

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The  first step is to update The Slate with the latest firmware version:  

  • The Slate 2 :

  • The Slate 2+ : 


Connection :

It is  not possible to connect The Slate directly using your mobile device's  Bluetooth, as a code will be required.   

To connect The Slate to your mobile device, you will have to go through Repaper Studio. To do this you should work through the following steps:    

  • Activate  your mobile device's Bluetooth. On a compatible Android mobile phone, turn on the GPS as well.  

  • Open  the Repaper Studio application.  

  • Switch  on The Slate by pressing and holding the Power button on the side: the side  LED lights up in white.  

  • Connect  The Slate by switching to Bluetooth mode by briefly pressing the Power button: the side LED turns blue.  

  • Go to  Repaper Studio and click on "Connection", then select The Slate  from the drop-down list.  

If The  Slate is properly connected, the blue side LED goes solid and its name appears.   

🚩 Tip : 

  • Once an  initial connection has been made with the Repaper Studio app, The Slate will  automatically be recognized each time the app is started.  

  • You can  change the name of The Slate in the Repaper Studio settings.  


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