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The Slate is a tablet that preserves the unique natural feeling of pencil and paper while enjoying the unlimited possibilities of digital technology.

The Slate's proprietary technology digitizes and displays your sketches on your tablet, smartphone or computer screen in real time.

With your favorite pencils :

Draw with your own pencils and pens using The Ring, a magnetic device that makes your favorite drawing tools compatible with The Slate.

The Ring, included in the Slate Pack, is size S. It can be used on all writing implements with a maximum diameter of 7.3 mm. For larger diameters, size M is available and sold separately here.

On the paper of your choice:

All types of A5 paper (148 x 210 mm) are compatible with The Slate. Use your favorite notebook (maximum thickness: 7 mm) or a sheet of any type of paper.

👉 Good to know:

  • For the best experience, your notebook should be placed flat on the surface of The Slate. It must not contain any metal parts. A notebook with a landscape orientation cover is ideal.

  • Avoid changing the position of the sheet of paper during use.

Some technical details:

Dimensions & Weight :

  • 267 x 186 x 7 mm

  • 380 g

Dimensions of the active area:

  • 148 x 210 mm

The Slate's active area corresponds to an A5 format, bordered by 4 markers. 

Power supply & Battery:

  • Battery life in Bluetooth mode and screenless mode: up to 7 hours continuous use.

  • Recharge The Slate from your computer, using the micro USB cable provided. Before first use, it is recommended that you fully charge the battery (up to 3 hours).

Storage capacity :

4GB integrated flash memory (about 400,000 sheets of paper).

Speed sensitivity:

The Slate simulates pressure sensitivity through speed control. The faster you draw on your sheet of paper, the finer the lines appear on the screen. 



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