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Learn more about our return policy and how to return your product(s)!

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If for some reason a product does not meet your expectations, you can return it for a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The return fee is $/€9.90 (UK: £17.90) and will be deducted from the refund amount upon receiving and inspecting your return.


  • Please ensure that the product is not damaged and that you return it in its original packaging and with all the included accessories. No refunds will be granted for damaged items, incomplete returns, or orders returned outside the 30-day return period.

  • If you do not use the return label provided by iskn, you are solely responsible for the return. We do not guarantee the delivery, reception and refund of your order.

  • Returns from Andorra, Guernsey, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Norway, and San Marino must be made at your own expense to: AMI / iskn Aftersales - 2 b Avenue Pierre de Coubertin - 38170 SEYSSINET-PARISET - France.

  • Original shipping costs of your order will not be refunded.

  • For any product purchased from a supplier other than iskn, please consult the supplier's returns policy.


To request a refund, please follow these steps:

1. Request your return

For returns from the United Kingdom, please contact our support team via the live chat on the bottom right. Thank you 🙏!

  1. Log in to your user account on or create your user account as explained here.

  2. Go to "Order History" and select the order you want to return.

  3. On the displayed page, click "Return Items" at the bottom right.

  4. Initiate the return process on the displayed page:

    • Select the "Return" option for the items you wish to return, then select "Refund."

    • Specify why you want to return your product(s).

    • Choose the prepaid shipping label for your return.

    • Click "Submit Return."

Once you've submitted your return request, we will send you an email with the return label and further instructions. You can also download the return label on the displayed page and return your product(s) as explained below.

2. Return your product

  1. Print your iskn return label along with the return authorization slip.

  2. Pack your iskn product and accessories and include the return authorization slip inside the package.

  3. Affix the return label to your package.

  4. Drop off the package at a UPS drop-off location for it to be returned to us.

3. Get a refund

After receiving and inspecting your return, we will refund your purchase less shipping and return costs. The refunded amount is credited back by using the original payment method.

You will receive an email notification once the refund has been processed.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the live chat on the bottom right 😺.

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