iskn and Faber-Castell developed the first ever “digital” clutch pencil compatible with the Repaper Pencil & Paper Graphics Tablet.

The Repaper Clutch Pencil has been designed for writing, drawing and sketching. It provides constant line thickness as well as consistent balance compared to wooden pencils who get shorter over time.

The built-in “Repaper Ring” is perfectly adjusted, and Faber-Castell’s “TK 9400” powerful jaws grip the lead firmly to ensure very precise drawing capabilities.

The clutch pencil has a slender and a shaft with its balance point oriented towards the tip. With its ergonomic finger grooves, the Repaper Clutch Pencil provides the best ever drawing experience with Repaper.

You can purchase Repaper Clutch in our online store as well at Faber-Castell UK.

Compatible iskn tablets

The Repaper Clutch Pencil is compatible with Repaper as well as previous iskn Slate tablets.

Refill leads

The Repaper Clutch Pencil comes with a 2mm (0,08 in) 2B lead and allows refills with leads in 9 degrees of hardness (4H to 3B).

For the best experience with the clutch pencil, we recommend to use TK 9071 leads by Faber-Castell (available in 9 degrees of hardness from 4H to 3B).




127100 TK 9071

2 mm/ 0,08"


127101 TK 9071

2 mm/ 0,08"


127102 TK 9071

2 mm/ 0,08"


127103 TK 9071

2 mm/ 0,08"


127110 TK 9071

2 mm/ 0,08"


127111 TK 9071

2 mm/ 0,08"


127112 TK 9071

2 mm/ 0,08"


127113 TK 9071

2 mm/ 0,08"


127114 TK 9071

2 mm/ 0,08"


You can find the TK 9071 leads in the Faber-Castell online shop.

👉 Good to know:

For the most precise result, we recommend to sharpen the Repaper Clutch lead regularly. Therefore, use a pencil sharpener compatible with leads Ø 2mm (0,08"), as for example the sharpener Faber-Castell 186600-TK, available at Faber-Castell US and Faber-Castell UK.

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