Have a look at this video showing the use of the Slate on Photoshop:

The Slate is now an unprecedented 2-in1! Thanks to our new Graphic Tablet feature, you can now use the Slate directly into your favorite drawing  softwares (As Adobe) on your PC or Mac.

The Slate handles every stage of the creative process. Begin outlining your ideas on paper with the Slate in Imagink and export your creation to your computer. Then finish your work with Adobe’s creative suite using the Tip (iskn’s stylus) and the Slate in graphic tablet mode.

To activate and manage this mode:

  1. Download and install the Graphic Tablet Configurator from our download page.
  2. Launch the Configurator tool (in case you cannot find the symbol, have a look at this article).

3. Connect your Slate to your PC or Mac using the USB cable and turn on your Slate by making a long press on the lateral Power button. Your Slate will be connected to the Configurator.

4. Into the Parameters menu, set the angles parameters according to your opearting system and click on the Activate button.

5. Your Slate is now ready to be used as a graphic tablet into your favorite apps. Enjoy this mode using the Tip over your Slate surface for a better experience.

For the best experience of this mode, we advise you to close Imagink app first as using both at the same time could cause some conflicts. To close the configurator, proceed like this:

In case you should have troubles to download the graphic tablet configurator or to  connect your Slate to it, please contact our customer service via the little golden widget bottom right.

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