Paper background
In the Imagink application you can choose your paper background. Click on the paper section in the right panel. Then select the paper of your choice from the list.

Tip1: You can import a photo/image, adapt it to the paper size in Imagink and use it as your customized background.

Tip2: Imagink enables you to export your drawing with a transparent background. To do so, you will need to choose the grey-white squared paper and to export your finished drawing as a PNG format.

Just above the paper section, you find the layer section. Imagink manages up to 10 layers in desktop version.

To add a new layer, simply click on the + .
To hide a layer, click on the eye icon next to the layer you want to hide.
To move a layer, select and hold a layer and drag it up or down.
To delete a layer, click on the x icon in the upper-right corner of a layer.

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