1. The Slate can be used along with our Imagink app, which combines the user's needs with an amazing digital experience for free!

You can download and try it here:

With Imagink, you can use pencils, markers and pens, but also paintbrushes, 3D airbrushes, or chisel-tip markers.
The Imagink application combines the user's needs with an easy digital experience:

  • Change/alter the thickness, colour, and transparency of your lines.
  • Share creations on social networks in different formats: PSD (Photoshop), SVG (Vector format), PNG, JPG.
  • Watch and share playback videos of creations as MP4 files

And much more! Just try it out!

2. On the other hand, we provide the graphic tablet configurator which makes the Slate compatible with your favourite drawing apps. Find out more about it here.

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